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Well this is a topic I’ve always been interested in. It’s really interesting to see all of the different styles you can do with hair braiding! There are so many different types, and they’re all really cool looking. I’ll give an example of one of the styles- it’s called locks or cornrows. Basically, they’re braids that start from one spot and go up your head as it goes higher. Then at the end, it has some decorative touch on your head. This is a really popular style and looks great!
Another really popular style is the plaits. These are just braids that go down your back (like I did in my hair), but they’re much thinner. The variation of plaits are huge! There are so many different styles that you can do, and they’re all very good looking!
In addition to these cool styles, there’s also the French braid- which you have probably seen before. It’s three plaits pinned together to look like one braid. This is a really easy style that looks great, and it’s very popular too!
The last style that I’ll talk about is called the dutch braid. It’s basically just two French braids pinned together. This looks extremely neat because all of your hair is braided, so it doesn’t get messy at the top! They’re really hard to do though, so you have to practice a lot.