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Need to start dreadlocks? Come to Nefertiti Hair Salon. We offer the best dreadlocks styles in the Valley.

There are different types of dreadlocks. There are interlock where the stylist uses crochet to lock the hair and twist lock. In this article we will focus on the twist style. this is when the stylist will twist your own hair in order to lock it.

Twists are a top favorite technique in black hairstyles, along with braids. Furthermore, twists allow to extend your natural hair. Many African American women hold themselves back from going natural, simply since it is hard to know which style to wear. Here are a couple of nice ideas in pictures, ladies. The diversity of twists knows no limits. You can style your twist chic, or sophisticated depending on the special occasions. You can also rock your twists every day in simple and effortless ‘dos. There are little tricks to know about twists. The larger your facial features are, and the fuller your figure is, the thicker your twists can be.

For example, besides a beautiful twist style, sometimes a color can make a world of difference. Bring drama and uniqueness to your style by introducing some strands of a contrasting color. Even so, you can still keep others the natural dark hue.

Black men hairstyles twist are also popular these days. They seem to be a part of a new revolution of hairstyles that are emerging for men who want more individuality from their hair. Afro hair twists are a popular style among those with unprocessed, kinky hair. Twists are especially convenient for black Afro men hair because black hair keeps many of the traditional characteristics of African hair, which is naturally curly, wiry, and textured. Twists help a man to wear his natural hair in a proper and charming way.


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