Hair Braiding

Hair Braiding

Preparing to get your hair braids

There might be many different reasons why you decide to get braids. Whether it is to help your hair grow, to protect it, or even just to look fabulous, it is important not to damage your hair while you are wearing the braids.

To prevent that disaster to happen, there are a few steps that you should consider. The most important of those steps is undoubtedly the maintenance of the braids. However, there is one stage that is almost as important. That stage is the preparation of your hair prior to getting the braids.

In fact, I can argue that preparing your hair for the braiding session is as important as maintaining your braids. From my experience I can assert most damages are done to the hair during the braiding session. Most stylists will braid your hair too tight and break it or far too often they will damage your edges. So, what to do? I list below some of the things you should do before getting your braids:

The Three Steps:

1.       Wash: Use a clarifying shampoo to wash dirt and oil off your hair. The last thing you want is have a dirty hair for a few weeks

2.       Deep Condition: This is an important step as you want your hair to be soft and hence prevent breakage. Deep conditioning also nourishes your hair and make it strong. A lot of my customers ask me how long should they leave the conditioner in their hair. Well the answer is simple, for a full deep conditioning, you ought to leave it for at least 30 minutes.

3.       Comb and Detangle: Know that if you don’t do this yourself, your stylist will be doing it for you. Far too often, they are in a rush or they may not always have the tact not to hurt you.


It’s also important to detangle your hair prior to getting your braid. This will help speed up your time with your stylist and most importantly it will make your life much easier when comes the take down.

Try these items of advice and you will have a much pleasant braiding experience.

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