The Benefits of cornrows

The popular belief is that cornrows will help grow your hair. This is actually a fallacy. Your hair will usually grow while having a cornrow, but it is not the cornrow that grew your hair; instead the cornrow help protect your hair while it grew.

Indeed the benefit of cornrow is it help protect your hair. Well let me rephrase this. The benefit of a good cornrow job is that it help protect your hair. In fact, cornrows that are too tight will actually break your hair. Your hair will grow either way. In the majority of cases, natural conditions such as dryness, tugging and pulling, bad maintenance prevent your hair to grow normally. And cornrow will help protect your hair from most of these conditions. Cornrows help maintain your hair with little fuss.

That said, cornrow have many benefits:

  1. Low maintenance: cornrows do not require hours of maintenance in the morning. All you have to do is make sure you keep them moisturized.
  2. Time saver: this goes with the low maintenance character of cornrows. Most people will just spray moisturizer to their cornrow and they are ready for the day.
  3. They are very practical for wigs wearer. Indeed, well done cornrow will make your wigs look natural.
  4. Finally, cornrow are quick and easy to do. Unlike most hairstyles, cornrow can be woman best friend. They are the fire extinguisher whenever we have an emergency.

Cornrow are part of the black women fabric as … well as black women are part of the black women fabric. Cornrow are not just a hairstyle. That said it is important to have them done right. The next steps is to care for them. You need to keep them moisturized. In addition, you have to ensure not to keep the same cornrow too long. The conventional time is 6 to 9 weeks. Not only this will ensure the health of your hair, it will also allow you to take them off and nourish your hair as deserved.

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