Sew In Weaves
The Benefit of Sew In Weaves

Sew in weaves are one of the most beautiful hairstyle for black people. There are many different styles you can do with Sew in weaves. those different styles come with different benefits.

The first of those benefits is sew in weaves help grow your hair. In fact, because your hair will be fully covered during sew in, it will help protect it from cool or the dry air we have in Phoenix. It will also prevent your hair from breaking and tugging.

However, it is important to have a professional do you the sew in to enjoy this benefit.

Nefertiti Hair Salon, the Sew In salon in Phoenix

One of the second big benefits of sew in weaves is that it allows you to change your style whenever you desire. Indeed, sew in weaves give the impression to be your own hair hence giving the luxury to change style more easily. This might be one of the benefit of sew in I enjoy the most. It allows you to have fun with your hair and frequently change style. Often, people will apply flat iron to curl their hair or wear it straight. Check our gallery for all the possible styles.

Finally, braids and twist can be heavy and hard on the scalp. A well done sew in weave is not. Most stylists will suggest sew in with a cap. If you have short hair, I totally understand why your stylist may have made that suggestion. However, personally I stay away from it, as you need to be able to moisturize your scalp while you have your weaves.

The bottom line is sew in have many benefits that are often overlooked. They have a bad reputation because of the damage they may cause. However, it all depends on the stylist that does your sew in and how you care for them. That is why it is always important to discuss those benefits with your stylists and get a few tips on how to take care of your weaves before getting them.

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