Natural hair styling

Natural hair styling

Nefertiti Hair Salon is Phoenix Best Natural Hair Styling salon. The natural hair is a new movement and we are proud to be on the forefront of that movement.

Black women are creating spaces to celebrate their natural beauty with each other. Black sisterhood is important, hence reinforcing black beauty is also important. Most importantly, We want to create a social environment where black women are setting the standard for beauty. The natural hair style community is growing. The multiple posts on social media serve as a clear illustration for that growth. Black women are taking the movement to public spaces to celebrate black girl magic, naturally.

Anyone who’s gone natural, or is in the transitioning process, knows the pain I’m preaching. For instance, trying to blend two vastly different textures while coming up with hairstyles that are presentable enough to go out in public with is hard work. Nefertiti Hair Salon is here for you. Our stylists know how to care for your hair and enhance its texture. For example, we know Bantu knots are great way to mask your two different textures from the beginning until the end of the journey. Plus, they will give you much needed practice for mastering the sometime frustrating style. Bantu knots are a great way to mask your two different textures from the beginning until the end of your journey. Plus, they will give you much-needed practice for mastering the sometimes frustrating style.

In addition, the salon only uses products that are safe for your hair and strengthen its roots.

Moreover, Nefertiti Hair is also the best dreadlocks salon in Phoenix. We do all types of dreads; we do dreadlocks extension starting, maintenance and mini locs.

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