Phoenix weaves Salon

Phoenix weaves Salon

We are the best Phoenix Weaves Salon. Nefertiti Hair Salon will give you the perfect weave. The perfect weave looks flawless. The perfect weave looks like your natural hair. We prefer not to use glue on your hair because we care for the health of your hair. Whichever technique you chose, we promise to give you Hollywood style of weaves and sew in.

We understand those different styles and that makes Nefertiti Hair Salon the best place to do your weaves and sew ins.

There are three different type of weaves: Synthetic, Human and Remy.

Synthetic hair is a great choice if you’re looking for a new look to last you a short time. Human hair on the other hand has an elevated natural appearance to it in comparison to synthetic hair. Human hair is great because it replicates natural hair almost perfectly and can last you a few months (approx 6-8 months) with multiple installs, depending on how well you care for it. Finally, Remy Hair is nothing less than amazing! Sharing similar qualities to that of human hair, Remy hair is versatile and natural and undergoes minimal processing. If cared for properly Remy hair will maintain its natural movement and appearance from 6 months to over a year.

However, choosing the best weaves depends on the style that you want, your price range and your hair type. Nefertiti hair Salon will work with you to determine which one will be best and we will put our best stylists to make sure you look glamorous.

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