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The best weave or hair extensions are the ones that have a flat-ness, smooth edge and straight hairs. These will allow your skin to absorb more moisture during those hot summer days when it’s too sweaty to wear clothes as well! A few tips on how you might use silk sheets:

1- Lay them like paper towels in order for water circulation inside;

2- You can put cloths across top of these fabrics without compromising their shape so they’re easier clean up – 3/4″ wide is recommended because most cotton covers fit slightly larger lengths than 18 inches (60cm). 4)” Washes require about 6 hours at room temperature before there’s enough product left behind.. Please read our washing instructions page It should be noted that we recommend using washable fibers . They only take approximately 10 minutes long per 100g size which means over half an hour less work with each purchase!