Senegalese Twist

Senegalese Twist

Senegalese Twist

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are more than just a hairstyle; they are also a great way to protect your natural hair.

As a hairstyle goes, the senegalese twists can make you look and feel amazing because there are so many different styles you can have. Those styles include among others the Half-Up, Half-down braid style is easy to make and looks super cute! It is perfect for spring and summer (every day in Phoenix is summer). You can wear them every day because the braid will keep your twists out of your face.

The Top Knot Bun Ponytail on the other hand is elegant and classy. Therefore, it is the Braided Up do. You can wear a very nice and elegant look on special occasions. The first thing you are going to do is to make a side part of the hair that you want to use as your bangs. After that, make a high ponytail. You can secure it with a rubber band or use a piece of your twist. From the ponytail, braid eight braids and secure the ends.  The next step is to twist each braid in a little bun and secure it with a bobby pin. Make sure everything is smooth and tight. Last step is to braid down a loose braid from your bangs, swirl it and secure with lots of bobby pins. Click here to see some of the pictures of senegalese twists on our Website.

As stated above, Senegalese twists will also keep your hair healthy by protecting your natural hair without damaging the roots and protecting your edges. Finally and most importantly, senegalese twists are easy to take out.

In order to achieve this, it is important to properly care for the twists.

Caring for Senegalese Twists

Have a healthy head of hair. As with anything else that tugs at your hair, Senegalese twists can make your hair, go through a bit of a stress. For damaged hair, do not make it go through a completely different process that could worsen the condition. Instead, use treatments to make it stronger and healthier, and then go on to install twists.

Have a healthy scalp, too. It goes the same for your scalp. Any pre-existing condition will only worsen with Senegalese twists.

Have an ample length of hair. This blog claims that hair has to be at least ¾ inches in length for Senegalese twists.

Have dry hair before any twist. Having Senegalese twists done on wet hair can cause it to frizz much faster. Another thing that can make hair frizz is a moisturizer containing humectants. However, it is not necessary to avoid it.

Wear smaller twists for a longer lasting style. Bigger twists tend to unravel and mess up more easily.

Wear a satin scarf to bed. Smooth materials like satin or silk will not steal the moisture from your hair and is a good defense against frizzy Senegalese twists.

Wash hair with a diluted shampoo. Diluting prevents hair from being stuck in between twists. Remember to focus on washing your head.

Moisturize frequently with light oil. You can also massage your scalp to soothe it as well as to promote hair growth by increasing circulation.

Know when to take down the twists. The appropriate time you should consider removing your twists is at from the eighth to tenth week. Hair kept for long periods can have harsh, irreversible consequences to hair health.

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