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Nothing quite beats the sensation of having your hair skillfully intertwined in an intricate beautiful braid. That’s why you come to Nefertiti Hair Salon, the best hair braiding salon in Phoenix

Life is too short for boring hair. For those with a love for eccentric styles and a flair for uniqueness, dreadlocks are a choice of expression. And for fabulous dreadlocks, you come to Nefertiti.

Cornrows have always been a cornerstone for our hairstyle. Above all, they can protect your hair and help it grow. Are you looking for a salon where they can slay your cornrows style? Look no further. 


From Senegalese to Havana, from Nubian to Kinky, there are a plethora of twist style. And that’s why you need a salon that can tell you which style will fit you best.

Let’s talk about something that is close to your heart, and on your head: Your Natural Hair. Nefertiti is the salon for your natural hair care. 

The first thing to note is not all weave and extensions types are for everybody. That knowledge is all the reason you need to come to Nefertiti Hair Salon.